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HCG Medical Weight Loss

Looking to lose weight and feel healthier?

Our SHRINK Programs are HCG Medical Weight Loss programs that incorporate a calorie-restricted diet in conjunction with daily injections of a hormone called HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin). HGC Medical Weight Loss can be a highly effective and natural method to inquire about here at Creative Healing Solutions in Scottsdale. HCG is a naturally occurring hormone in your body. Both women and men produce this hormone, which is often referred to as the “pregnancy hormone,” but it actually performs multiple functions in the body and is used to address a variety of medical symptoms and conditions.

HGC has been called the pregnancy hormone because the body produces extra-large amounts of this hormone during pregnancy to retain progesterone, immunity, nutrition and energy levels for the mother and fetus. To put HCG amounts in perspective, consider this: a woman produces over one million units of HCG a day while pregnant. For a weight loss plan, those in the medical profession will use 125-180 units each day. Using HGC in such low doses is very safe and does not mimic pregnancy.

How does HCG encourage weight loss?

HCG will mobilize your stored fat that is primarily found in your thighs, buttocks and belly. Your body will then utilize this stored fat to energy and beneficial nutrition, just like it does during a pregnancy. However, your body will only do so if HCG is used in conjunction with a strict calorie diet, hence the idea of an HCG diet plan. Your body must be in a “starvation” state for this hormone to work its magic.

If you use HCG by itself and expect to lose weight, you’re out of luck. Just like you wouldn’t want to simply “starve” yourself to drop pounds, it’s important to be strategic with your HCG diet.

It is therefore very important to follow our SHRINK (HCG Medical Weight Loss) Program as it is designed. The goal should always be to maintain your health and keep your body strong during and after your weight loss journey. We will aid you in pairing you with the program that fits your physical needs and goals that matches your HCG doses with a healthy and conservative diet that fuels your body and aids in slimming down and shedding extra weight.
Among its many benefits, HCG helps the body to expel stored up fat that may be causing problems for your joints, back or even cardiovascular health. And, the fat storage regulatory system in the brain will also improve to protect you against “rebound” weight gain. Fat storage should be efficient, and this is exactly what HCG helps you with – now and in the future.

These are just a few of the ways HCG can improve your life. Contact us at Creative Healing Solutions for HCG Medical Weight Loss in Scottsdale to see if our SHRINK Program is the right method for you.