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Make the Rest of Your Life…

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Are You Ready To:

Be More
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Be More
Do More
Feel More
Have More
Live More

Naturopathic Physician Dr. Roxie Strand takes you from Exhausted to Empowered

Are you a heart-centered, purpose-driven woman on a mission? Is there some aspect of your health that is holding you back? Our signature Rise & THRIVE program can help you Reclaim your health so you can Feel Good and get back to Doing Good in your world.

Our Mission

We all have a purpose in life...

We all have a purpose in life...

Whether it is to be the best parent to your kids, to become a successful artist, to solve social issues, or to serve people in need…we are all working toward leaving the world a better place than we found it.

We at Creative Healing Solutions are no different. We are a team of Bad-Ass Women on a mission! We believe that every person on this planet can make a difference in our world in some way. Therefore, our purpose in life is to help others fulfill their purpose in life by helping them be healthy enough to do it. It’s that simple…yet that powerful!


Hi! My name is Dr. Roxie Strand and I’m a Free-Spirited, Non-Conforming, Nature-Loving, Don’t-Tell-Me-What-To-Do, Bad-Ass Physician on a Mission! And that mission is to help as many Bad-Ass Women as I can…find answers to their health issues, so they can Feel Good and get back to Doing Good in their world. I am super passionate about helping women co-create their own health and live their best life, because I believe women are Amazing, Powerful, Unstoppable, Superheroes that should Never be held back from achieving all that they can become.

I have three strong beliefs:

A totally different approach to health

You know your body better than anyone will ever know your body. That is why I am committed to spending Time with you, Listening to you, Hearing you, Respecting you, Educating you, Including you in your health care Choices, and Empowering you with the knowledge you need to THRIVE.

We are a naturopathic medical office in Scottsdale, AZ, that offers exceptional healthcare with a Totally different approach. Instead of focusing on Symptoms & Disease, we center our approach on Health and Vitality.

Our goal is to Identify & Address the underlying root cause of your health issues so we can help restore your body’s natural ability to heal itself. We Want you to live a Fulfilling and Extraordinary life, so we do our best to provide the Answers, Hope, and Direction you need to live that life.

About Our Practice

Are you sick of feeling the way that you are feeling and not having any answers as to why? Are you tired of doctors visits that are a complete waste of time because you can only talk about 1 health concern per visit? Are you over the one-size-fits-all approach to your health care? If you know that you are meant for more in this life, and if your health and vitality is of upmost importance to you, give us a call & let’s get started on a different path.

Our services include:

Renegade Rising

Renegade Rising is a social movement that brings focus to all of the renegade women in our lives doing amazing bad-ass things, living their purpose, and making the world a better place. This social movement exists to help empower bad-ass women to break through and rise above their health obstacles so they can lead a life of Change, Impact, and Purpose.

We believe that everyone has the right (and ability) to be healthy. At Renegade Rising, we stand for Health Equality…equal opportunity for all people to be healthy. We believe that your health is your vehicle to fulfill your purpose in life…and that no one should be held back by or be a victim of their health.

We want to celebrate all of the bad-ass women in the world who have overcome and risen above their challenges in order to Feel Good and Do Good in the world. Check out the movement. If you feel that your story would be inspiring to others and you would like to be a part of our movement by sharing your journey, please reach out to us – we would love to hear (& share) your success with our community.

A Patient’s Path


Schedule a Free 15 Minute Phone Consultation w/ Dr. Strand to ask your questions and find out if we are the right fit for your needs…and vice versa.

For people who prefer to work with Dr. Strand on a 1:1 basis and on a pay-as-you-go structure.

For people who feel more comfortable committing to a longer, more comprehensive approach to health, we have created a variety of programs to help address the most common health concerns that many people have today.

We fully understand that not everyone is able, ready &/or willing to commit to the comprehensive programs that we offer, so we created a Free program that offers 30 effective and unique health tips that everyone can benefit from. Please click below to join the program so you can receive one daily email for 30 days & learn valuable tools to “Become the Solution” to your health.

Happy Patients

Dr. Strand and Melissa never disappoint. I needed some help today for food poisoning, and within an hour I was in her office for an IV which made me feel so much better. Thank you for getting me in and helping me on such short notice, I truly appreciate it!!!

Elena C.

I love the staff and their commitment to others health. I feel.very loved when coming into see Dr. Roxie and Melissa. I feel they truly listen to me and do everything possible to help me. The office staff are always polite and helpful.when I call and come in.


DR. Roxie's FastClass to Rise & Thrive

A Totally Different Approach to Health